PHOTOS: Philly’s Most Popular Dogs

You definitely want to spend your day looking at these cute local pups.

The American Kennel Club recently released its list of the most popular dog breeds in the country. The data also revealed the 1o most popular breeds in Philadelphia. It’s been a long week and we were in the need of some alternative type of therapy. We figured pictures of pups was the best way to do that. So, we asked the edit staff here at the Philly Post and their friends to email us photos of their four- (or three-) legged best friends that made the list released by AKC. Happy Friday, everybody. Get your “awwww” face ready.

1. German Shepherd

This is Molly. Life isn’t fair. How are any of us supposed to get anything done today with pictures like this in front of us? Molly looks so sweet and so concerned.

2. (Tie) Labrador Retriever

Could Jackson be any more patient? Seriously, this is probably the nicest dog of all time. This photo is entirely convincing that there’s no way he could ever do anything bad.

2. (Tied) Rottweiler

Aww. Sampson is a three-legged Rottweiler rescue dog.

4. Bulldog

This is Tonka. She likes to make you chase her around the house to get toys from her. Every night she whimpers until someone gets into the LoveSac with her. Then she flips herself over and sleeps on her back. It’s dumb and precious at the same time.

5. Yorkshire Terrier

This is Ruby. It’s funny because she’s wearing a dress and dogs don’t typically wear dresses. She’s got a bow, too, so it looks like she’s ready for the first day of school.

6. Boxer

So, this is Dex from Kensington and he appears to be a little thirsty.

7. Golden Retriever

This is Blaze. And Blaze is definitely in his spot in this picture. Seriously, how comfortable does this dog look? There’s no way that that isn’t his favorite place in the world—right there on that sofa.

8. Pug

This is Oliver. Oliver has a wrinkled face, so he’s adorable. Somewhere someone has to have written a study on the strong positive correlation between wrinkly faces and cuteness.

9. (Tied) German Shorthaired Pointer

This is Knox. That’s an awesome name for a pup.

9. (Tied) Poodle

This is Louis the poodle. He’s just loungin’.

Bonus: This is a Golden/Poodle mix. He didn’t make the list, but come on! Look at how cute he is!