Rutgers Webcam Case: Tyler Clementi’s Sexual Encounter Was Campus Gossip

Plus: A former cop warned to stay away from a Port Richmond man, the PPA says your tickets are helping schools, the PLCB launches an iPhone app, and more of what Philly is talking about today.

Witness Testifies That Sexual Encounter Became Gossip at Rutgers. Dharun Ravi is on trial in the Rutgers Webcam Case for, among other things, bias intimidation. Yesterday, a witness testified that Ravi never said he intended to intimidate his roommate, but that news of the sexual encounter she and Ravi witnessed between 18-year-old Tyler Clementi and an older man via webcam spread throughout their dorm pretty quickly. Clementi committed suicide a few days after the incident. [Washington Post]

Former Cop Ordered to Stay Away. Richard DeCoatsworth—the former Philadelphia Police officer who was shot in the mouth as a rookie—has been ordered to stay away from a Port Richmond man who says DeCoatsworth has assaulted and threatened him over a debt. [Daily News]

PPA Says Higher Ticket Prices Help Schools. The PPA approved its new budget yesterday. A recent hike in fines for violations will pull in $4 million in extra revenue.  Overall, $13 million will go to the cash-strapped Philadelphia School District and $37 million will go to the city itself. So, when you get a parking ticket, know that you’re helping city schools. Ya know, kind of like when you throw a pebble into the Atlantic. [CBS 3]

Charges Dropped Against Jimmy Binns. The Honorary Margate Police Chief and former Pennsylvania Boxing Commissioner saw the charges against him dropped yesterday. Binns, a 72-year-old local attorney, was said to have damaged a Margate neighbor’s air conditioner during an ongoing dispute. [NBC Philadelphia]

PLCB Launches Booze App. You’ve got to love technology. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has launched an iPhone app that allows people to search for the availability and prices of wine and liquor at local state stores. [Inquirer]

Wildwood Named Best Boardwalk for Families. Family Vacation Critic has named Wildwood’s boards the “No. 1 Beach Boardwalk for Families.” And now we’ve all got “Wild, wild, Wildwood days” stuck in our heads. Thanks for that, Family Vacation Critic. It’s currently 38 degrees outside. [NBC Philadelphia]