Giuliani Criticizes Anti-Gay GOP

The former New York City mayor has some choice words for the Republican party

Rudy Giuliani sat down with CNN recently to talk about why he isn’t running for president and why the Republican party is failing moderates like him, particularly in the Northeast.

The former New York City mayor criticized the GOP’s anti-gay stance, saying that it makes the party seem like its out of touch with the modern world. “I think beyond all the religious and social part of it,” he explains, “it makes the party look like it isn’t a modern party. It doesn’t understand the modern world.”

On the other hand, in this same sit-down, Giuliani also touted Rick Santorum and his ideas about foreign policy and the economy, but says he differs from the current GOP frontrunner for president when it comes to social issues (Giuliani is pro-choice).

His good words about Santorum aside, what he has to say about the GOP and gay issues is unique. Very few Republicans have openly criticized the party for lagging behind when it comes to gay rights. We have to applaud him for being so frank. Baby steps.

Check it out: