Best Weekend Getaways: The Busy Philadelphian’s Vacation Guide

Whether you're looking for a relaxing trip or an adventurous quick weekend getaway, Philly Mag has a vacation for you.


Dog-sledding in the Poconos! Golfing in Bermuda! Barhopping in Nashville! You don’t need a ton of time for a great getaway—you only need a night or two (or three) and our guide to all the trips worth your time. Here, we present 52 inspired weekend escapes—that’s a whole year’s worth totally do-able vacations—that you can take anytime the mood strikes. Wouldn’t you rather be in Mexico this weekend?

Best Weekend Getaways

Washington, D.C.

Save the heavily scheduled D.C. trip for a long weekend when you can Smithsonian to your heart’s delight. This time, take it easy, and leave a little room to wander off the beaten path.

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St. Michael’s, Maryland

You can’t swing a dead crab in this quaint Colonial town without smacking into a historically landmarked building—but if U.S history isn’t your bag, this peaceful pocket-sized village and its prettiest inn offer any number of other amusements … and, of course, the Chesapeake.

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Montreal, Canada

In this romantic food-and-arts-loving city, there’s really nothing better to do than eat and explore, explore and eat. (Sleep will just have to wait.) By foot, you’ll stumble across countless cultural amusements, and meals at the city’s meat-centric restaurants­ will reenergize you for the next round of exploration.­  

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Litchfield, Connecticut

Get comfortable with blissfully unscheduled days in this secluded town. Trust us: You won’t want to be tethered to a timetable as you enjoy all the traditional rural New England activities (kayaking, biking, antiquing … ). 

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Paris, France

Yes, it is extra-extravagant, jetting off to Paris for just three nights, but what better place for extravagance than the City of Lights? You’ll sleep on the plane and wake up in one of the most beautiful places in the world, ready for breakfast croissants and dinnertime views of the Arc de Triomphe glowing in the night. A few days is enough to soak in the magic; you’ll come home a little happier, with Ladurée macarons for your jealous friends. 

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Riviera Maya, Mexico

Lush green jungle, white sand beaches, azure waters and plenty of margaritas. What else do you need to know? 

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