What We Love: Queer V-Day Cards

We've got the perfect gift idea for your love lust this season

Courtesy of Revel & Riot

Revel & Riot introduced a new line of Valentine’s Day cards that spare us from the usual hetero-centric sentiments of wine and roses. Great designs inspired by the pink triangle and rainbow flag and LGBT-friendly messages make these cards stand out for anyone hoping to spread a little love on Feb. 14th.

The company even has cards for trans folks and pretty much everything else you can think of under the rainbow (butch, femme, you name it).

“The most prominent gay graphics (the rainbow flag and pink triangle) are classic standards, though we have barely taken them beyond the confines of their own geometry since the late 1970s,” explain Revel & Riot Founders E.E. Storey and Sarah Fobes.”Revel & Riot aims to create art that challenges (and respectfully updates) the narrow field of LGBTQ merchandising and adds to the domain of LGBTQ art and design.”

Not only are the cards homo-riffic, but for every set of 10 sold ($15), the company donates one dollar to the Ali Forney Center in New York, an organization that helps get LGBT homeless youth off the streets.

So whether you’re single or taken, and you have Cupid’s arrow in your sights, you can feel good about knowing that showing a little V-Day love also provides support for an organization that really is making a difference in the world. When was the last time you could say that about Hallmark?

Looking for a gift to go with that card? Revel & Riot also carries T-shirts, posters, art and accessories, including the “God Hates Bags” totes.