Women’s Super Bowl Survival Guide

Getting through the biggest sports day of the year without wanting to kill your husband and his friends.

Dear Monica, I always dread Super Bowl Sunday. My husband watches TV from mid-afternoon until the post-game wrap-up is over. How can women join in on this sacred Sunday and not feel so out of the loop? A.P., Yeadon

There’s no reason why women can’t enjoy the Super Bowl as much as men. What is so bad about the big game anyway? The commercials are the best. Madonna is the half-time entertainment, and you get to indulge in tons of comfort food. Instead of being a Debbie Downer why not enjoy this season’s grand finale knowing that there will be no more football until mid-August? Here are some tips to help you better enjoy the day.

  • Get educated on the teams. Getting to know football, at least superficially, is not that hard to do. The point is simply to take the ball from one end of the field to the other. It is not rocket science. Although  men like the rough and tumble aspect of the game, women simply appreciate the graceful athleticism of a receiver soaring through the air to make a catch. Really, are we all that far from ballet here?
  • Learn the Vegas odds. How impressed will your husband be when you ask him his take on the over-under? Why not make a small wager with him to add a little juice to the game? If the Giants win guess who is going to accompany you to next week’s chick flick!
  • Have couples over. It is more festive to watch the Super Bowl en masse. If the other women are not that into the game either, you can divide and conquer the day. Men in one room with beers and nachos and women in the other room with cosmos and girl talk. (Be sure to designate one of the guys to tip you off to when Madonna’s gig starts. You don’t want to miss “Like a Virgin.”)
  • Print up some Patriots logos to decorate the room so you can show off your Eagles devotion by dissing the NY Giants. Show the men you understand enough to know that no true Philadelphian roots for a New York team.
  • Give you husband a hall pass for the day. Enjoy the final stretch with him and the guys. You even might find yourself getting sucked into all of the emotion of the big event.
  • And if all else fails, remember this: Both quarterbacks are total hunks! Ladies can drool over Tom Brady and Eli Manning.