Arlene Ackerman Denied Unemployment!

Plus: Punxutawney Phil sees his shadow, the Sixers beat the Bulls, another inmate pulls an Andy Dufresne, and more of what Philly is talking about today.

Arlene Ackerman Denied Unemployment! Arlene Ackerman denied unemployment! (One more time!) Arlene Ackerman denied unemployment! [Inquirer]

Donald Trump Set to Endorse Gingrich. It looks like The Donald is ready to throw his support behind Newt Gingrich for the GOP nomination. Let’s hope he’ll give us a Herman Cain-style, “Aww shucky ducky.” []

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Punxsutawney Phil Says Six More Weeks of Winter. Which is ironic considering that yesterday was 60 degrees and sunny. I vote we just skip winter all together. You guys game? [6 ABC]

10, 9, 8, 76ers. Last night the Sixers beat the top team in the Eastern Conference when they toppled the Bulls to move to 16-6 on the season. Temple grad and second round draft pick Lavoy Allen showed up to play last night and the Sixers defense—as always—kept a lid on things. [The 700 Level]

Delco Teacher Charged With Punching Student. It’s alleged that 41-year-old Richard Little is out on bail after he was charged for punching a female student in the face at Presbyterian Children’s Village. Oh, and Presbyterian Children’s Village is a school for kids who were victims of violence and neglect. [FOX 29]

Inmate Escapes From Berks County Prison. Yesterday, the same day authorities nabbed the escapee from Atlantic County, a man managed to break out of a Berks County jail. Authorities are on alert and are still trying to figure out how he escaped. Did they check behind his Linda Ronstadt poster? [CBS 3]