Will Somali Pirates Have Revenge on SEAL Team 6?

Plus: Mayor Nutter will give you $20,000 to snitch, Temple University police struggle with a new distress signal, Neshaminy teachers are giving each other swirlees or something, and more of what the city is buzzing about today.

Someone Call SEAL Team 6. After rescuing a Valley Forge Christian College graduate and her Danish associate by killing nine Somali pirates earlier this week, it appears SEAL Team 6 may have its work cut out for them. The pirates have another American hostage and have alerted the U.S. that if anyone tries to rescue him the pirates will kill everyone. Um, they’ve got parachuting dogs. You probably shouldn’t provoke a team of trained killers and their parachuting dogs. [Inquirer]

Can You Put a Price Tag on Philly’s Stop Snitching Culture? The Mayor thinks so. Mayor Nutter has been using reward money to coax witnesses out of the woodwork. The city hasn’t always been in the business of paying for snitches, but after 31 murders in 25 days, any idea is worth a shot. [Daily News]

So, This Is How It’s Supposed to Work? Two Temple police officers struggled to arrest a teen yesterday afternoon. They wrestled with him and were slammed into parked cars before one of the officers pulled his weapon to scare the crowd off. The officers say the ordeal was due, in part, to new distress signals not working properly.  [6 ABC]

Neshaminy Teacher’s Car Vandalized After Criticism of Union Leaders. A teacher at the school allegedly tried to call the union leaders out on their shortcomings. His car was vandalized, so he distributed a letter to the entire Federation of Teachers saying that teachers are giving each other swirlees, or something like that. [Inquirer]

Giroux and Hartnell On Same All-Star Team. This year, the NHL All-Star teams were selected like everybody is at recess. Two captains were named and they took turns selecting players. Giroux went in the fourth round to Team Alfredsson and Hartnell went to the same team with only a few players still to be selected. [The 700 Level]

Rosenbach Museum is Where the Wild Things Are. An exhibit at the museum highlights the work of children’s author Maurice Sendak. “Pen to Publisher: The Life of Three Sendak Picture Books” is set to run through July. Also, if you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and watch his interview on the Colbert Report—best thing you’ll do all day. [CBS 3]