In Case You Were Wondering Why Everyone Is Talking About Nike’s Chairman Phil Knight

At the memorial service held for Joe Paterno, Nike Chairman Phil Knight adamantly defended the former coach and condemned Penn State for the manner in which they fired him. He wasn’t so subtle about either. [Deadspin]

in the year in question he gave full disclosure to his superiors up the chain to head of campus police and president of the school. the matter was in the hands of a world class university and by a president with an outstanding national reputation. whatever the details of the investigation are, this much is clear to me. there was a villain in this tragedy it lies in that investigation, not in joe paterno’s response to it.

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and yet, for his actions, he was ex-core ated by the media and fired over the telephone by his university. yet in all his subsequent appearances in the press, on tv, interacting with students, conversing with hospital personnel, giving interviews, he never complained, he never lashed out. every word, every bit of body language conveyed a single message. we are penn state.

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so i do not follow conventional wisdom. joe is my hero. every day for 12 of the last 12 years. but it does lead me to this question. who is the real trustee at penn state university?