N.J. Voters Favor Marriage Equality

A new poll shows that more than half of state's voters favor same-sex marriage; a vote is expected this month

Courtesy of Garden State Equality

New Jersey pretty much follows the rest of the country – at least when it comes to gay marriage. A new poll by Quinnipiac University, which surveyed registered voters this month, found that more than half (52 percent) favor same-sex marriage. It’s the first time that support for marriage equality has exceeded 50 percent (a poll in April 2009 showed that 49 percent supported legalizing it).

“Democrats are making same-sex marriage their big opening issue and New Jersey voters support them,” Poll Director Maurice Carroll told The New Jersey Star-Ledger. “There are demographic splits – Catholics are more supportive than Protestants. All groups support same-sex civil unions. Most groups support allowing same-sex couples to adopt children, while black voters are divided on that issue.”

The poll also shows that 65 percent of Garden State voters also don’t consider gay marriage a threat to heterosexual marriage. And 53 percent say that denying it to gay couples is discrimination.

On January 24, Garden State Equality, the state’s LGBT advocacy group, reports that there will be a hearing in Trenton and a vote on the marriage equality bill.

The group’s asking witnesses to testify for marriage equality. They’re looking for couples in civil unions in the state who have faced difficulties with the law – and couples who want to talk about what the deprivation of marriage rights means to them. They’re also seeking supportive clergy members, young people, parents and loved ones of LGBT youth and other allies to share their stories, along with supporters of same-sex marriage who are both LGBT and straight.

Interested in testifying? Email testify@gardenstateequality.org.