Students on Edge as Archdiocese Plans Announcement on School Closings

Plus: Has Penn State hired the Pats o-coordinator, everyone loves JVR this morning, Santorum gets booed in New Hampshire, and more of what the city is buzzing about today

Catholic Schools On Edge for Closings. There are 177 Catholic schools in the five-county Philadelphia area. Students are awaiting announcement today that will determine the fate of each school. [Inquirer]

Sources Say Penn State Hires Bill O’Brien. The university has yet to make an official announcement, but the Twitterverse blew up with news, yesterday, that Penn State will announce that current Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien will be the next head coach of the Penn State football program. [ESPN]

JVR! JVR! JVR! The Flyers had relinquished a two goal lead and found themselves tied at four when Chicago scored with just over five minutes to go. But, JVR came to the rescue with a goal in the last minute to lift the Flyers to victory. [The 700 Level]

Santorum Gets Booed in New Hampshire. So, Santorum was booed by college students in New Hampshire for equating gay marriage to polygamy. [Inquirer]

Wife of Beaten Rangers Fan Speaks Out. The wife of the off-duty police officer and Purple Heart recipient that was beaten up outside Geno’s after the Winter Classic can’t believe no one called 9-1-1 to help her husband. [FOX 29]

State Auditor Says the Turnpike Commission is Up to its Eyeballs in Debt. Which probably can’t be a good thing, right? [CBS 3]