One of Us: Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz

Fox 29 has John “G.Q.” Bolaris. 6 ABC has the illustrious Cecily Tynan. And NBC 10 … well, NBC 10 has a short 60-year-old from Gladwyne­ with a penchant for bow ties

If you think Hurricane Schwartz is a science nerd, he is. But there’s a lot more to the story than that. Here, Philadelphia’s most geeked-out weatherguy talks Philly sports, is Vegas addiction, and how he got his nickname. No, not that one. Would you believe “Mr. Motown”?

My full name is … Glenn Eric Schwartz.
I am a … meteorologist.
My birthplace was … South Philly. My mother took the trolley to the hospital to give birth to me.
One thing I would change about myself is … my height. I’m five-foot-seven on a good day.
My fictional hero is … Steve McQueen in The Great Escape.
People would be surprised to know that I … am quite a good ­athlete. Baseball, softball and especially racquetball.
If I owned an estate, it would be called … Thundersnow.
When people recognize me on the street … I’m flattered. People ask if I get tired of it. The only problem would be if it didn’t happen, so every time it does, I am grateful.
My last vacation was … Vegas, in October. I go every year.
The last blizzard, I … was just so excited. They had to drag me out of the studio.
People tell me all the time that … I need to stop taking things so seriously.
My competition in Philadelphia … is way more attractive than I am. All of it.
If I didn’t live in Philadelphia, I’d live in … Miami. On the beach.
My relationship status is … married without a ring or license. We met on
If I were mayor, I would … do more to develop the waterfront.
One thing this city really needs is … a Super Bowl victory.
The last concert I attended around here was … Earth, Wind & Fire at the Borgata last summer. I was in the fifth row. I’m obsessed with classic R&B. At one of my previous jobs, I was known as Mr. Motown. The first concert I ever went to was the original Temptations at the Latin Casino in Cherry Hill.
My favorite Philadelphian of all time is … Ben Franklin. Living, Ed Rendell.
I started wearing bow ties when … my boss told me to. He said, “John Bolaris is Mr. Fashion and wears his $2,000 suits, women love him, he could be on the cover of GQ. I want you to be the anti-Bolaris.”
I’d love to meet … Bill Clinton. He owns the room. The question I am asked all the time is … “Where’s the bow tie?” I’ve been asked that on the beach.
I am just so sick of … people bashing Philadelphia sports fans.
If I’m only having one drink, it’s … an iced decaf coffee. I don’t drink alcohol. Never have.
The thing people don’t get about the weather is … that we’re not wrong about it nearly as often as they think we are.

Interview by Victor Fiorillo