Gay Veteran Responds to Ad

A serious take on Rick Perry's controversial campaign ad

The Foxworthy-Leffew family (courtesy of Right to Love)

Amid the flurry of funny spoofs of GOP presidential contender Rick Perry’s latest campaign ad (too easy, really) in which he touts straight Christians and pretty much asks LGBT folks to get back into the closet, a new, much-needed response has been drumming up support this weekend online.

Jay Foxworthy, a gay military veteran with a spouse and kids (he’s featured in a new documentary – The Right to Love: An American Family – based on videos Foxworthy and his husband Bryan Leffew posted on YouTube) made his own video in response to Perry’s vitriolic statements.

“I am not ashamed to admit I’m an out, gay Christian,” he says. “My family goes to church every Sunday, and there is something wrong in this country when conservative Christians want to use God to attack my family.”

Check it out: