Newt’s Sister Supports Obama

Candace Gingrich-Jones talks about her brother's presidential race

This week on The Rachel Maddow Show, Candace Gingrich-Jones opened up about her half-brother’s presidential campaign, admitting that she wouldn’t be surprised if Newt Gingrich used LGBT issues (for the worse) to get ahead in the GOP primary.

“I think that if he is a politician and saying these things because he’s a politician, but he doesn’t believe them, or if he does believe them, I don’t know if I like either of those answers very much,” Gingrich-Jones told Maddow. “I know that at the end of the day, he’s wrong.”

She added that even though her big bro was invited to her wedding to her partner Rebecca, he didn’t attend. “We still got a gift,” said Gingrich-Jones, an outspoken Obama supporter who works for the HRC in Washington D.C.

Check it out:

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