Controversial Philly Police Officer Retires

Plus: Father Judge declared safe again, a woman beats up her boyfriend on NJ Transit (video, of course), Madson might accept arbitration, and more of what the city is buzzing about today

Controversial Philly Police Officer Retires. Richard DeCoatsworth retired from the Philadelphia Police Department this week as a result of injuries sustained from a shooting in 2007, when DeCoatsworth was shot in the mouth with a shotgun and still managed to apprehend a suspect. The officer was involved in a number of controversial cases and had a number of complaints against him, although most of them didn’t stick. [Inquirer]

Father Judge Ruled Safe Again. Officials have declared Father Judge High School safe, though the school will remain closed today. The school expects to see results of additional tests—conducted to determine the cause of the skin and eye irritation that sent dozens of people to the hospital—this afternoon. [6 ABC]

Woman Beats the Hell Out of Her Boyfriend on NJ Transit. Camden County Prosecutor’s Office has filed charges against a woman for assaulting her boyfriend on an NJ Transit train. The entire eight-minute ordeal was caught on someone’s camera-phone and is on the Internet. Hooray for technology. [Daily News]

Madson to Accept Phils Arbitration Offer? The winter meetings down in Dallas have provided plenty of entertainment this week. Rollins contract talks continue, the Marlins are leading the chase for Albert Pujols, and now rumors are circulating that the Phillies need to be prepared to pay closer Ryan Madson because the free agent might consider accepting the team’s arbitration offer. [The 700 Level]

610 Area Code Leads State in Telemarketing Complaints. How many times do people in the ‘burbs have to ask to be taken off a call list? Apparently, a lot of times. [FOX 29]

Christmas-Light Cutter in Jersey. Someone has been cutting the lights at one man’s home in Vineland. It’s happened four times now, and authorities don’t have any suspects. [NBC Philadelphia]