10 Classic Philadelphia Commercials

From the Melrose Diner jingle to Krass Brothers' "Store of the Stars," old-school Philly advertising is part of our city's cultural history

Ever since reading this post on the Melrose Diner, I’ve been humming the jingle non-stop. I’ve only eaten at the Melrose a handful of times, but that little tune is as much a part of my Philadelphia history as the Action News theme or “Motown Philly.” These snippets of commercials—whether they’re jingles or theme songs or catchphrases—are cultural touchstones that contribute my overall connectedness to the city. (Proof: As I was leaving happy hour the other night someone in the bar shouted, “Hey, where did everybody go?” I couldn’t stop myself from responding, “Betsons! Where everybody goes!”)

There’s something distinctly Philly about the laughable effects of the Window Wizard and that silly little diamond in Jerry Robbins’s beard. Below, find nine of Philly’s most memorable commercials.

Krass Brothers

Melrose Diner

Frank’s Soda

Robbins Diamonds

Big Marty

Steak ‘Em Up

Window Wizards


Sal’s Back

Action News with Marc Howard

Did I miss your favorite? Tell me in the comments—and don’t forget to share the YouTube link.