Mummers Clubhouse Raided in Prostitution Sting

Plus: Another PPD officer in hot water, Bradley Cooper films in Philly, a teen in the burbs has a big payday, and more of what everyone is talking about today

Mummers Clubhouse Raided in Prostitution Sting. Last evening, Philadelphia police raided a Mummers Brigade clubhouse in South Philly. Undercover officers entered the club and were propositioned by 10 women. Allegedly, the clubhouse held this kind of business on the second Tuesday of every month. [CBS 3]

Officer Stole From Prisoners. A Philadelphia police officer has been suspended and will likely be dismissed for stealing from people who were placed under arrest in the city’s 22nd district. An investigation showed that the officer would take the debit and credit cards of uncooperative prisoners and go to Wawa to purchase gas and other items for himself. [6 ABC]

Bradley Cooper Is in Town. Bradley Cooper is in the area filming for the Silver Lining Playbook. The film stars Cooper along with Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Tucker. Yesterday Cooper shot in Ridley Park and Upper Darby. [Philly Chit Chat]

Retired Jersey Cop Faces Sex Charges. Charles Martina—a 64-year-old who retired from his post as head of narcotics and vice of the Plainfield Police Department 11 years ago—has been charged for having sex with two women without informing them he was HIV positive. [CBS 3]

Delco Teen Wins $25,000 for Statistical Model. Lucy Wang—a senior at Garnet Valley High School—has received $25,000 for developing a statistical analysis that can predict depression in adolescents based on survey responses. And now the Scoop feels entirely unaccomplished. [Inquirer]

Occupy Philly Might Be Ousted From Dilworth Plaza. Renovations to Dilworth Plaza outside City Hall are scheduled to begin in about three weeks. This might force the city to evict demonstrators from the property, which has become messy as people have been building temporary structures and prepare to stay there for a long period of time. [FOX 29]