The New Who’s Who of Philly’s Gay Community

They're more than just here and queer. They're the people who feed you, entertain you, provoke you, amuse you and surprise you. Come meet them




Kevin Gatto comes from a long line of beautiful people, starting with his mother, a model, and his cousin, David Evangelista. “When I was a little boy I used to play with my mom’s wigs,” says Gatto, owner of Verde, a salon in Collingswood. “We joke that we have the ultimate gay gene in my family.” After graduating at the top of his class and making chocolate-covered strawberries for Patti LaBelle, he joined the Clairol Styling Team and worked the New York fashion shows. Today, as a stylist for CBS3’s Talk Philly, Gatto rubs elbows with folks like Bradley Cooper. “I want to have a positive impact and bring the LGBT community together,” says Gatto, who lives in Rittenhouse Square with his pug, Oliver.

And as a boy growing up in Smithtown, N.Y., Matthew Izzo lived on a horse farm.

“I started teaching equestrian horse show riding on a national level,” says Izzo, the owner of Matthew Izzo, a boutique in the Gayborhood. Eventually, his talent led him to Ethan Allen and Juan Pablo Molyneux. “Much of my style comes from the equestrian horse show environment,” says Izzo, who lives in a converted schoolhouse with his partner. “People inspire me,” he says, whether he’s designing a posh condo featured on HGTV, finishing a new painting or designing jewelry. “Going forward, I want to be a role model for young LGBTs,” he says.

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