Defense Attorneys Seek Mistrial in Ballpark Murder

Plus: Philly Pops secedes from the Orchestra, there's a crack in City Hall, Macy's personnel might be checking you out, and more of what Philly is talking about today

Defense Attorneys Seek Mistrial in Ballpark Killing. After a witness identified two of the attackers to the surprise of the defense attorneys yesterday afternoon, the lawyers representing the accused assailants have filed for a mistrial. A judge is expected to make a ruling today. [Inquirer]

Philly Pops Severs Ties With Philadelphia Orchestra. Peter Nero and the Philly Pops have climbed into an escape module and hit emergency eject as they have officially announced their split from the troublesome Philadelphia Orchestra Association yesterday. The Scoop wonders if Nero pulled a Harrison Ford and said, “Get off my plane” before throwing Richard Worley out of the way and escaping the Orchestra unscathed. []

Two High Schoolers in Jersey Find a Bag of Weapons. Two kids on Millville Senior High’s track team were running in a wooded area when they stumbled across two bags containing a multitude of weapons. They alerted authorities who shut down the school while searching for additional weapons. The two bags contained a sawed-off shotgun, ammunition and knives. [6 ABC]

There’s a Huge Crack in City Hall. No, crack is not a metaphor or euphemism—there’s literally a crack on the North side of the building that is large enough to see from the ground. One city official posited that the crack is a result of the Virginian earthquake that sent much of the East Coast—and a great deal of Center City—into a tizzy last month. [FOX 29]

Are Macy’s and Other Stores Watching You Undress? Not necessarily, but an investigative report from CBS 3 shows that they can if they want to because of the way the slits on the doors of dressing rooms are angled. Macy’s has PR’ed the hell out of the findings and essentially told CBS that they are in the process of replacing all of these compromising doors across the country to ensure the only checking out going on is at a register and with everyone’s bathing suit parts properly clothed. [CBS 3]

SugarHouse Looking to Expand. They’ll be in front of the Planning Commission today as they move forward in an attempt to expand on the 1,600 slots and 53 table games currently housed in the casino. That way, they’ll be able to accommodate more customers and those customers can come and gamble while their kids are locked in the car. [Metro]