NBC Apologizes to Andy Reid

Replay angle might have led to challenge

Last night, a crucial “interception” gave the Falcons some much needed momentum and the opportunity to put seven points up on the scoreboard that Michael Vick was pointing at. The “interception,” as it turns out, wasn’t much of an interception at all. The ball clearly hit the ground before being corralled by Atlanta, but Andy Reid didn’t challenge the play because NBC didn’t air a replay of an angle that clearly shows the ball touching the ground. Thus, the coaches in the booth weren’t able to to definitively say that Reid should challenge. Today, Andy Reid said that he received an apology from NBC for the mishap. The Scoop appreciates the apology, but has to remind NBC that there aren’t any asterisks in life, only scoreboards. And “sorry” doesn’t pull seven points back down. [Crossing Broad]