Jeremy Roenick and Jay Mohr Trash Philly Fans

Don't over exert yourselves guys

In a surprise twist of fate, another media outlet has cited the Santa Claus snowball incident while dubbing Philly fans the worst around. This time, former Flyer Jeremy Roenick joins in on the fun with comedian Jay Mohr and a few others on the premiere episode of Master Debaters on Fuel TV. Lofty penis puns aside, the Scoop gets why Jay Mohr is doing this—if your career arc had you starring in rom-coms alongside Jennifer Aniston and then having your crappy sitcom canceled so you have to resort to guest starring on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and bashing Philly fans with former athletes for a show on an unknown network that will be canceled by Columbus Day, you’d be bitter, too. But, Jeremy Roenick? Eh, maybe he’s just got a bunch of gambling debt he has to pay off or got bored complaining about Olympic selections. [Crossing Broad]


Master Debaters: Jeremy Roenick on Philly Fans from Greg Wyshynski on Vimeo.