The Check-Up: What You’ll Eat This Year (in Pounds)

Hint: It's a heck of a lot of corn syrup

The Atlantic has our top story today, which is actually a chart more than a story. Translation: very little reading required.

Anyway, looks like someone got the bright idea to make a chart showing how much of different kinds of foods the average American consumes in a year—in pounds. It ain’t pretty, folks. Among the numbers: 42 pounds of corn syrup, 31.4 pounds of cheese, 85.5 pounds of fat and oil. The chart also shows that we eat 600.5 pounds of non-cheese dairy products, 110 pounds of red meat and a measly 16.1 pounds of fish and shellfish. Fruits and veggies? A surprising 688.6 pounds combined—way more than I would have guessed.

Get the full chart over here, along with the rest of today’s health headlines.