Malvern and La Salle to Play Hockey at the Bank?

Local high schools might play a game leading up to the Winter Classic

The NHL has still yet to officially announce the 2012 Winter Classic location (hint: it’s going to be Citizens Bank Park) or teams (hint: it’s going to be the Flyers and the Rangers). But, a multitude of events surrounding the unconfirmed outdoor game have begun to take shape. There’s a chance that Penn State—in its inaugural Division I season—will take on Neumann College, and it looks like some mites will take the ice, too, in the form of two top-flight, high-school programs: Malvern Prep and La Salle. All we need is Russell Crowe to lead a team of blue-collar rag-tags against New York while they’re in town and we’ll have all of our outdoor hockey bases covered. [Crossing Broad]