Justin Bieber on the Mike Missanelli Show

The Biebs called the Fanatic on Friday

Of all the people the Scoop might have thought he’d hear on Mike Missanelli’s show Friday afternoon, Justin Bieber would have fallen somewhere between William Penn and Benjamin Franklin. But, the Scoop should have known to never say never because the Biebs did call the Fanatic in an attempt to score his boy some Phillies tickets. He and Missanelli discussed his love for the Toronto Maple Leafs, his skills on the hardwood, and his courtship of Selena Gomez. (The intricacies of the Phillies bullpen situation was probably too lofty a topic.) Who’d have thought that every 15-year-old girl on the planet would be jealous of a sports talk-radio host? All things considered, Missanelli handled himself pretty well in an impromptu interview with one of the most popular guys on the planet with a very loose tie-in to the sports world. Next week on 97.5, Missanelli and company will break down the salary structure of the 2011-12 Flyers before a Q&A with Greyson Chance. [97.5 the Fanatic]