Mayor Nutter On Board With Obama Jobs Pitch, Senator Toomey Not So Much

Philly's Mayor loves the idea, Toomey's focused on reducing deficit

Last night, President Obama addressed America on the state of the job market and what needs to be done to correct it (re: asking Congress for $300 billion). As for Philly’s take on the issue, Mayor Michael Nutter echoed Obama’s rhetoric saying the plan is, “exactly what that this country, and certainly Philadelphia, needs to get our economy going, to get the unemployed back into the workforce, to invest in teachers, police officers and firefighters, to fix roads, bridges and our schools, and to help with our veterans who are now serving the country in uniform and will be looking for jobs when they return.”

Senator Toomey—who is a part of the special committee tasked with cutting spending by $1.5 trillion over 10 years—is more focused on the fact that spending billions on anything right now might not be the best idea. [WHYY]