Phillies Offer Ticket Exchange for Last Night’s Game

Last night's tickets good for one of a few games in 2012

As if it wasn’t already awesome enough being a Phillies fan, the organization decided to go out and treat its supporters with unnecessary kindness. The Phillies have a busy September. After cancellations during Hurricane Irene, the team was scheduled to play 33 games in 31 days down the stretch. So, last night’s rain—which probably would have canceled a game in the spring—was played in front of a mostly empty Citizens Bank Park despite the fact that it had technically sold out. The Phils played (and won) so the organization has no obligation to reimburse or compensate fans holding tickets to yesterday’s game. But, in a notion of sincere appreciation, they’ve elected to allow fans with tickets to last night’s game trade them in for a ticket to one of a select group of games in 2012. Thanks, Phillies, for spoiling us every chance you get. [Philadelphia Business Journal]