Philadelphia Pension Board Votes to Get “Tactical”

Plus: Philly's first chief innovation officer, Vick and the Iggles look sharp, Philly's "food hardship," and more of what the city is buzzing about today

Philly Pension Fund Gets “Tactical.” Philly’s pension board voted yesterday to sell off $40 million in domestic stock and reallocate the money in “strategic and tactical” investments. Sumit Handa—the board’s chief investment officer—will handle the $40 million in investments. [Inquirer]

Philly Poaches Head of IT from Jersey. As of August 22nd, Adel Ebeid will be the Chief Innovation Officer of the City of Philadelphia. Ebeid was in charge of the IT department for the state of New Jersey and was the only cabinet member Governor Christie didn’t replace upon taking office. He will be the first to ever hold the post for Philly. His position will absorb the typical chief technology officer duties and emphasize innovation.  [Technically Philly]

Vick Looked Sharp as Eagles Won Preseason Opener. The Eagles beat the Ravens 13-7 in the return of NFL action last night. More importantly, Vick and the other starters looked sharp as they marched down the field on the first possession for the season’s first touchdown. [FOX 29]

Belmar Police Investigation Stems from the Situation’s Special Treatment. The Situation was stopped in Belmar while driving his Ferrari. In the car, he—and two female passengers sharing the passenger seat—were wearing a combined total of zero seat-belts. Instead of citing the “star,” the officers asked for an autograph and sent them on their way. Which begs the question, what does one do with an autograph from the Situation? [FOX 29]

Study Shows Philly Families Struggle to Put Food on the Table. The Food Research and Action Center conducted a study that showed 20 percent of local families have experienced times when they couldn’t buy all the food they needed. The 1st Congressional District of Pennsylvania—which covers South Philly and parts of Delaware County—showed the highest rate of “food hardship.” [CBS 3]

Lawyer Files Brief for Student Claiming Accidental Spying. In September Tyler Clementi committed suicide by jumping off of the George Washington Bridge. His roommate at Rutgers is facing criminal charges for allegedly using his laptop’s webcam to spy on Clementi’s encounter with another man. His lawyer says that Dharun Ravi was using the device to ensure his iPad wouldn’t be stolen and shut it off immediately upon realizing what he was seeing. The lawyer also cites numerous apologetic and good-natured text-messages in a brief on behalf of Ravi. [6 ABC]