Pedestrians Beware: Don’t Walk and Text in Philadelphia?

Plus the heat gets to Doc, Pennsylvania wins with table games, a peeping tom on the R5 and more of what everyone is talking about today

Crackdown on Walking and Texting? Pedestrians who prefer to conduct their texting business while weaving along Center City’s sidewalks should be on alert. The city plans to crack down on such criminals starting next month as part of the “Give Respect, Get Respect” campaign. With fines. For texting while walking. The Scoop can’t wait till they tackle the chewing gum issue. [CBS 3] UPDATE: After initial reports that walking and texting would warrant a fine in Philly, the deputy mayor says that’s not the case. [6 ABC]

PHA Makes New Offer to Settle Sexual Harassment Allegations. The PHA has been negotiating a settlement for a suit against former director Carl Greene for more than a year now and has now doubled its original settlement offer to $500,000. [Inquirer]

PA Made $81.5 Million on Table Games in First Year. The state closed the books on its fiscal year on June 30th. In the first year with legalized table gaming, the state has reportedly generated $81.5 million in revenue through craps, blackjack and the other games. The state has 10 casinos with table games. The Scoop thinks that with that kind of revenue, the state should probably press the table games issue and maybe even buy the eight because daddy needs help restoring education budgets and handling infrastructure issues. [Inquirer]

Roy Halladay Leaves Game Early Due to Heat. Last night we learned that Roy Halladay is actually a human being—not a scientifically engineered robot geared to eat innings and paint the corners of the plate. The heat got to Doc last night as he was visibly exhausted early on in the contest. He left the game in the fifth inning and the Phils went on to drop game one of the series at Wrigley 6-1. [The 700 Level]

Tech Company Took $1 Million From Philly Via Faked Time Sheets. The U.S. District Attorney’s office announced yesterday that Barry Jones—owner of Mara Management Services Inc. and Management and Technology Services Inc. in Jersey—billed the city for work that was never completed. Jones had contracts to provide IT support to a handful of city organizations and associations. [Daily News]

Man on R5 Takes Upskirt Pics of Sleeping Woman. Police say that George Tai Kim—a 34-year-old pensions specialist for the Presbyterian Church and married father of two—snapped 50 some pictures of a woman who was sleeping on an R5 regional rail SEPTA train last night. Off-duty SEPTA officer Don Noz happened to be sitting across from the two and arrested Kim. [CBS 3]

More Negotiation Problems for Neshaminy’s School District. Last night, the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers walked out of the negotiations with the school district after just two minutes, calling the newest contract offer insulting. The teachers have been on the job without contracts or pay raises for more than three years. So, at least things seem to be heading in the right direction. [Inquirer]

Michael Vick Supports Anti-Dogfighting Legislation. The Eagles quarterback will announce today that he is endorsing a bill that would make it illegal to attend a dogfighting or cockfighting event. [FOX 29]