Girl Sues Father for Flipping the Bird

Thomas Timko was shot for giving the finger—now he's being sued for it

In 2008, a local man was cutoff in traffic on the Walt Whitman Bridge. That man, Thomas Timko, flipped the other driver the bird. That other driver, Christian Squillaciotti—a schizophrenic ex-Marine—responded by pulling a gun and firing four shots into Timko’s car. Timko was hit in the head by multiple bullets while his eight-year-old daughter Kaitlyn was in the backseat. Timko—amazingly—survived the incident and Kaityln was physically unharmed. His daughter—now 11—is suing her father for gesturing at Squillaciotti, thus provoking him and, eventually, causing her lasting, debilitating emotional trauma. The Scoop thinks it’s important to remember that fingers don’t shoot people, fingers on triggers shoot people. [ABC News]