Mayoral Candidate Karen Brown Wants to Bust Teachers’ Union

Plus praise for Seth Williams's street-smart drug policy, why Victorino might not be an All-Star after all, which area bar Bradley Cooper was spotted in last night and more of what Philly is talking about

End of the Teachers’ Union? That’s what mayoral candidate Karen Brown would like to happen so the teachers can “get back to teaching.” [Metro] Ever get the evil eye from a teacher? Imagine how many of them must be on Brown right this second.

Seth Williams Smarter About Pot Than Lynn Abraham. William Bender praises the current DA’s Small Amount of Marijuana (SAM) program while ripping into the Abraham’s beliefs by writing, “Her view is that people who smoke marijuana … are violent deviants, roaming Philly’s streets with deadly weapons, killing witnesses and committing “untold numbers of crimes” to support their habit.” Clearly someone hasn’t heard about all the Main Liners toking up. [Daily News]

Victorino Going to the All-Star Game. Thanks for voting! But he might not play due to a sprained thumb. Well, that was anti-climactic. [Inquirer] Hiring Hundreds Near Allentown. The Internet sales site will hire many full-time employees for its fulfillment site. The Scoop loves the sweet smell of job creation. [Philadelphia Business Journal]

Ferris Wheel Victim’s Parents Are Suing. No surprise here. The family of Abiah Jones have filed a suit against Morey’s Pier after the 11-year-old fell to her death during a class trip. [Daily News]

Why Mac Got Fat. By now you’ve probably heard that It’s Always Sunny‘s Rob McElhenney packed on 50 pounds for this season. Now we know how (and why) he did it so quickly. [Vulture]

Hometown Pride. Bradley Cooper was reportedly spotted at the Drake Tavern in Jenkintown last night.  At least it wasn’t Buckets. [@PhillyGossip]