Philadelphians Embrace Luxury Real Estate

Plus poll shows that most Pennsylvanians prefer the Phillies to the Pirates, happy hour might soon be longer, those busy bees on City Council and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

Philly’s Going Upscale. We’re following a nationwide trending of moving on up to luxury living. To illustrate, the Journal points out the $12.5 million sale of a Rittenhouse penthouse, remarking that the “1706 Rittenhouse was a picture of luxury.” [WSJ]

City Council to Work Overtime This Summer? Gasp! The recent census means it’s time for redistricting in Philadelphia. Council has to get that sorted out by September (there’s already a dispute about the exact deadline date) or risk being penalized with no pay. So, you see, that working overtime thing now makes sense. You didn’t think they’d be doing that for constituents, did you? [Daily News]

City Budget Vote Today. City Council is expected to pass a new budget today. That includes higher taxes for schools. Then we all get to sit and wait to see what the politicians in Harrisburg are going to give us for education spending. [Newsworks]

Happy Hour: Now With More Time to Drink! A bill is headed to Governor Corbett’s desk that would allow bars more flexibility with how they schedule the 14 hours of “Happy Hour” they are now allotted by law. Essentially, this means more drink specials when you and the Scoop want them. [CBS 3, Inquirer]

McNabb Works Out With Eagles. The QB was in town for the opening of a new hospital unit in Voorhees yesterday and decided to stop and toss the ball with his former teammates. This lockout is really bringing on the crazy. [6 ABC]

Charlie Manuel Looking for a Hitter. The Phils manager wants a strong right-handed hitter to increase the team’s chances of winning the World Series again, though given the organization’s maxed-out payroll, he admits the perfect candidate might have to volunteer. ““I don’t want something we’ve already got,” he said. “I’d like to have something better.” Don’t we all, Charlie. Don’t we all. [CSN]

PA Chooses Phillies Over Pirates. A recent poll shows that Pennsylvanians prefer the Phillies above all other baseball teams. What the Scoop would call the swing region on this matter, central PA, offered up 50 percent for the Phils and only 13 percent for the Pirates. Even in Allegheny County, the Pirates only got 76 percent of the vote. Ouch. [Newsworks]