Philadelphia Orchestra Receives Large Donations

Philly Orch. announces donations that could reach as high as $45 million

The Philadelphia Orchestra has issued a statement detailing $11.2 million of donations from civic leaders, city organizations and their own board. Additionally, they’ve received $16.3 million in challenge grants to encourage the community to continue to support the organization, to the tune of $17.5 million, as it recovers from bankruptcy restructuring. If the challenges are met, the organization is set to receive a total of $45 million—talk about making it rain. Since filing for chapter 11 earlier this year, the Philadelphia Orchestra launched the “Listen with Your Heart” initiative to raise community awareness and promote financial support of the orchestra, unveiled a three-year plan to rectify the fiscal problems of the organization and secured these large donations from the likes of the Willam Penn Foundation, the Wyncote Foundation, Gerry Lenfest, the Neubauer Family Foundation and its own Board of Directors. Not a bad few months, Philly Orch. Not bad at all. [Inquirer]