Former Eagle Raheem Brock, Who May Or May Not Be A Seattle Seahawk, Intends To Go To Trial

The Super Bowl star appeared in a Philly courtroom this morning

Last week, former Eagle/Temple grad Raheem Brock and his 25-year old female companion, Arleen Chollette, were arrested in the wee hours on South Street after a dispute over a $27 tab at Copabanana. Brock and Chollette were both charged with theft, while the defensive end ratcheted up a resisting arrest charge as well. The pair appeared in court this morning at the Criminal Justice Center.

No pleas were entered, but according to attorney Sonte Reavis, who represents both parties, “they are most definitely not guilty.” Reavis adds that he is awaiting a trial date and that “they have both resoundingly and committedly announced their intention to take this to trial.”

Meanwhile, there is speculation that the Seattle Seahawks, for whom Brock played last season, will not resign the free agent this year. No, not because of the South Street incident or his 2010 DUI arrest, but simply because Brock, at 33, is too old. Bummer. As for Chollette, her Twitter feed indicates that she is fond of cheesesteaks and the burgers at PYT.