Corbett Threatens to Ruin Lawmakers’ Fourth of July Holiday

Plus more funding losses for Philadelphia, what Nutter asked Obama for, which baseball record Phillies pitchers are smashing, more of what everyone's talking about this morning

Mayors Want Jobs. Mayors from around the country, including our own Michael Nutter, met with President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden at the White House yesterday to talk about what cities really need: jobs. Nutter told the president, “No one is going to walk up to me on the streets of Philadelphia and start having a conversation about the debt limit and deficit reduction.” [LA Times] Meanwhile, there’s news that our region has fared better than most with job recovery, along with predictions about when we’ll be back to pre-recession status. [Inquirer]

Phillies Pitchers Smashing Record. When it comes to the all-time record for strikeout-to-walk ratio, our guys are shaming the runners-up. All around, in fact, they are posting some history-making stats. Who better to crunch the numbers than the people at the Journal? [WSJ]

New Jersey Protests Heat Up. Trenton is getting its fair share of marchers with state residents speaking out against pretty much everything Governor Christie wants to do. Said one union leader, “We elected you, and we will take you out.” How very Sopranos. []

“Growing Greener” Funding Set to Expire. More money could soon dry up for Philly by the end of the month if another funding program gets cut. Since 1999, program dollars have been used for the Schuylkill River trail and projects at the Navy Yard and city parks. [CBS 3]

Corbett’s Line in the Sand. With the PA budget deadline looming (June 30), the governor says he won’t sign any budget that goes higher than $27.3 billion. And not a penny over. “If this budget comes in at $27.35 billion, we’re going to be here on July 1, or 2, or 3,” Corbett said. [Inquirer]

Stop and Frisk 2.0. The city has settled a lawsuit over the “stop and frisk” police policy. The Mayor will announce details today and more on how the policy will be modified. The Scoop’s suggestion: Before getting frisky, start things off with a handshake to put everyone at ease! [Daily News]

Mad Men‘s Philadelphia Roots. Since Mad Men fans have to wait a good long while before the next season starts, all we have to pass the time are games like this one at the link, which shows the ties between the old Philly-based show thirtysomething and Mad Men. [LA Times]