Amish Kids On Facebook

Amoroso drivers strike, T.O. jammed up, plus more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Amoroso Drivers Hit the Picket Line. If your sandwiches taste a little different this week, it’s because the bread is being held hostage at 55th and Baltimore. Paging Sarcone’s! [NBC 10]

Terrell Owens In a Jam. The former Eagle and other NFLers could face fines and suspension as a result of a problematic casino investment. [Biz Journal]

Camden Chemical Fire An Arson. Because Camden needs more problems, there’s now officially a firebug running around town, and the ATF has shown up to investigate. [CBS 3]

Philadelphia Pension Program “Severely Distressed.” But hey, we’re not as bad off as Pittsburgh. So that’s something. [Newsworks]

Amish On Facebook. Village elders may soon want to rethink this whole rumspringa thing now that Amish kids are logging onto the social media site. [Lancaster Sunday News]