No Sugar Tax for Philadelphia

Plus Super Bowl champ Raheem Brock arrested on South Street (hey, it happens), City Council votes to keep DROP, headless body ID'd and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Soda Tax Dies. Again. Mountain Dew drinkers, rest easy. You will not have to pay more for your sugary, devoid-of-nutrition beverage now that City Council has done away with Mayor Nutter’s soda tax plan for the second time. You will, however, see your property taxes increase. The only winner here is Arlene Ackerman, who gets tens of millions for her schools out of the deal. [Newsworks]

Council Was, Apparently, Busy Yesterday. Before summer break, Council not only dealt with the soda tax and school $$$ but also with a new waterfront music venue, a strip club billboard, and something called the “I-95 condemnation corridor.” [Plan Philly]

Oh, And They Didn’t Forget About DROP. The controversial program has been preserved. [Inquirer]

Super Bowler Arrested On South Street. As was the hot little number in his company. [Philly Post]

Christie vs. Unions. The Garden State could soon look like Wisconsin now that the New Jersey Senate is moving forward with a major pension/benefits reform bill that has the unions foaming at the mouth. [Courier Post]

Headless Body ID’d As Missing Personal Trainer. But there’s no foul play involved. Apparently, you can decapitate yourself in the process of committing suicide. [Delaware County Times]