Philadelphians Have Less Sex Than People in Other Cities

Plus when Chris Christie will consider a presidential bid, what happened to Cole Hamels' back, how Philly's celebrating Independence Day and more of what the city is talking about today

Philadelphians Don’t Have Very Much Sex. People in the Philadelphia area have intercourse an average of 99 times per year, compared with 120 times for most Americans, according to a survey conducted by Trojan. However, Philadelphians also report being satisfied 82 percent of the time, well above the national average of 76 percent. [Metro]

Parents of Ferris Wheel Victim May Sue. The Jones family is considering a lawsuit against Morey’s Pier and would like restraints placed on the ride. The Scoop continues to wonder: Where were the chaperones on this class trip? [Daily News]

Chris Christie Definitely Not Running for President in 2012. The NJ guv was interviewed on CNN last night by Piers Morgan. Though a 2012 campaign is out, he “didn’t want to shut the door” on one in 2016. [Politico]

Cole Hamels Dominates—and Then Hurts His Back. Fox 29 takes credit for his performance by noting, “Hamels has always pitched well after doing a live interview on Fox 29.” Yeah, clearly, that was what helped the Phillies win an easy 9-1. [Fox 29]

Nothing Says “We Love America!” Like a Good, Old-Fashioned Singer-Songwriter Competition. Or at least that’s what the folks behind the Fourth of July festivities must think. In addition to this new feature, there will also be food trucks during this year’s 11-day celebration and an extended parade route. Unfortunately, Michael McDonald is still scheduled to perform. [Inquirer]

GPTMC Contributes the Economic Downfall of Magazines. Irked by Travel + Leisure‘s ranking of Philadelphia as the second dirtiest city, the tourism group pulled advertising from the magazine’s website. [Philadelphia Business Journal]