Rocky Balboa In Hall of Fame

Plus plans for an impressive Delaware waterfront, dead fish in Delco, New Jersey's bad driving record and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

New Plans for the Delaware River. The “Central Delaware River Master Plan” will be released today, and we’ll all finally see what might become of what the Scoop affectionately calls “that stretch of water on the other side of that big-ass road.” [Newsworks]

Dead Delco Fish. Ridley Park had an odor problem this weekend when about 1,000 fish were found floating belly up in Ridley Park. Sushi anyone? [Daily News]

Rocky Now in Hall of Fame. Sylvester Stallone was in New York yesterday for the ceremony to induct Rocky Balboa (not a real person) into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Mike Tyson was also inducted. Curiously, Stallone “skipped the annual pre-induction parade because of security concerns.” Seems a bit wussy for a boxing event, but who really does feel secure around Mike Tyson? [WSJ]

NJ Drivers Are the Worst (Almost). They’re at #48 after drivers around the country were surveyed on knowledge of questions from a typical driver’s license written test. One safety consultant said “”The last time most of us looked at a driver’s manual was when we took the (written) test; you’d be surprised what’s changed.” Yes, for example, the Scoop bets most older folks haven’t even bothered to learn how text and drive. [Courier Post]

Rick Santorum On Meet the Press. On a segment of the show intended to “get to know” the presidential candidates, Santorum said he’s “someone who’s been out there for 16 years, having the courage to lead on a variety of conservative issues when they weren’t popular.”

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