PAFA Announces Art for Lenfest Plaza

Another giant sculpture by Claes Oldenburg coming to a public space near you

The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts has announced that its new public space on North Broad (aka Lenfest Plaza) will be decorated with a five-story sculpture called “Paint Torch” by Claes Oldenburg—who locals might know better as “the Clothespin guy.” (See giant clothespin, 15th and Market.) The big reveal (construction on the space started earlier this summer) will include the unveiling and inaugural lighting of “Paint Torch” on October 1st. Now that Oldenburg has given the city a giant paint brush to go along with his colossal clothespin, and his behemoth Split Button and Giant Three-Way Plug, the Scoop worries Philly might be running out of drawer space for large household items. [Philebrity]