In Case You Missed It: Top 5 Posts of the Week

Here's what everyone else was reading on the Philly Post

1. “Is Bradley Cooper For Real?” by Richard Rys
Skeptics might sniff around for a love child or a bulging-boxers tweet, but they’ll find a likable (French-speaking!) guy. Read more

2. “Glee Live! In Concert In Philly: Screaming Girls! Confetti Cannons! Fireworks!” by Aaron Mettey
Fans of the show’s early days will love it. Read more

3.  “UFOs, Mental Telepathy and Ghost Stories” by Victor Fiorillo
A Q&A with fringe explorer and author Steve Volk. Read more

4. What Weinergate Says About Our Society by Gail Shister
Why are we so obsessed with genitalia? Read more

5. “Congressman Weiner Is a Dog” by Sandy Hingston
Even his sexting friend knows that. Read more