Frank Rizzo Jr. to Host Talk Radio Show?

Plus what happens if DROP becomes PLOP, the truth behind bad shopping at the Gallery, Comcast's latest scuffle and more of what Philly is buzzing about today

The Real Reason We Can’t Have a Target in Center City. The whole thing apparently comes down to some freaking signs, which according to the Society Created to Reduce Urban Blight, diminish the historical significance of the area surrounding the Gallery. The Scoop wonders how they feel about the Dorito bags and Whopper wrappers all over that part of Market Street. [Daily News]

School’s Closing Early Today. Due to heat, Philly schools will dismiss at 1:30 p.m. for the second time in a week. [6ABC]

Good Day Philadelphia Does Not Understand Seniority. Mike Jerrick and Sheinelle Jones try to bully PFT President Jerry Jordan into saying seniority shouldn’t matter when laying off teachers. Lots of weird, awkward pauses in this video. [Fox29]

Dranoff Gets 10 Rittenhouse Square. A Common Pleas Court judge appointed the developer as receiver for multi-million dollar condo. [Inquirer]

Bloomberg vs. Comcast. According to Bloomberg, Comcast has violated the FCC’s merger conditions by refusing to “neighborhood” Bloomberg’s financial news channel by placing it nearby CNBC. [Metro]

Frank Rizzo Jr.: Talk Radio Host? The soon-to-be-former City Councilman might take to the airways when his term is over, saying that what Philadelphia really lacks is quality talk radio. [Metro]

While We’re Talking About Rizzo … The DROP hearing begins today. Revisions to the controversial pension plan include a fun, new acronym: PLOP. The Scoop is already working on funny headlines for the future. [CBS3]