Nutter Pledges to Raise Up to $100 Million for Schools

Plus why alleged mobster Anthony Staino might not get bail, how Karen Brown won the GOP nomination, where walking is most dangerous and more of what Philly is talking about today

Eagle Scout Accused of Sexual Assault. Brian Killion, an Atlantic County Eagle Scout, allegedly assaulted at least five boys. The Scoop recommends this article for its dramatic opening line: “Mastering the “Flip-a-Sista” masturbation toy or learning how to properly apply personal lube is not a prerequisite for becoming an Eagle Scout.” [Daily News]

Alleged Mobster’s Threats May Cost Him Bail. Though Anthony Staino has a reputation for caring more about money than murder, a recording of him threatening an undercover police officer will likely be used as evidence to keep him in jail pending trial. [Inquirer]

Nutter Pledges to Help School District. The mayor promised to raise between $70 million and $100 million for the School District’s budget. He said reaching the goal would require more collaboration among the District, Council, SEPTA, and the state. [The Notebook] In related news, the School District spent $287,629 to clear Superintendent Arlene Ackerman of any wrongdoing in awarding an emergency, $7.5 million no-bid contract for security cameras. Hm. What does that translate to in terms of teacher salaries? [Inquirer]

Karen Brown Wins GOP Nomination. By only 58 votes! [Daily News]

Pennsylvania Democrats Are Pissed. In a press release from last night, the Pa. House Democratic Caucus spoke out about Republicans’ “‘extreme’ anti-middle-class budget.” []

Scariest Job in Town: Bus Driver. So far this year, 27 SEPTA bus drivers were assaulted while on duty. [6ABC]

But It’s Not Safe to Walk, Either. At least not in Jersey, which was just named the 21st most dangerous place to walk. [NBC10] Below is the image that NBC10 originally chose to run with this piece. (It’s since been switched to something a little less fun. The Scoop can only assume it was because the NBC10 staffers could here his giggles all the way across town.)