Bradley Cooper Loves His Mom

So, of course, women love Bradley Cooper

Before Cooper’s father passed away earlier this year, the Jenkintown native spent several months living with his parents in his hometown. Now, according to the June cover story in Esquire, the actor has his mom hanging with him in L.A. Good eye candy at the link, if he’s your type. [NY Daily News] Cooper also explains that “being in Us Weekly does not make you the right kind of famous.” The Scoop will assume he feels the same about People, where there’s a bit today about another woman he’s hanging with: Olivia Wilde. [People] And in the kind of nerdy news only the Scoop and other media types care about: Dave Davies discovered that Cooper interned at the Daily News as a high school student in 1992. Let this be a lesson to all of us: Be kind to the interns for we know not what they will become. [Newsworks]