Alleged Mob Boss Joseph Ligambi Arrested

Dawn Stensland mad at Buzz Bissinger, the Fort Dix five in town, Chase Utley returns and more of what Philly is talking about this morning.

Dawn Stensland Takes Aim At Buzz Bissinger. Last week, Buzz wrote a nasty column about Larry Mendte, using words like “idiot,” “cowardly,” and “criminal.” Today, Larry’s better half fires back. [Daily News]

Major Mob Bust. Think La Cosa Nostra is dead in Philly? The FBI apparently disagrees, as they just arrested (alleged) boss Joseph Ligambi  (who you can read about in the August 2009 story by Steve Volk), his (alleged) underboss Anthony Staino, and about 10 other suspected wiseguys. [Fox 29]

Ain’t No Party Like A Tea Party Party. A South Jersey high school sophomore says she is getting threats after challenging Tea Partier Michelle Bachmann to a debate. [Courier Post]

The Fort Dix Five Appeal. Expect lots of commotion down at 6th and Market today when the convicted terrorists appear in Federal Court to ask a judge to reconsider. [NBC 10]

Utley’s Return. After a stint on the DL, Chase comes back to help us out. [ESPN]

Fattah’s Power Grows. A lot has been said about Johnny Doc’s victories in last week’s primary, but it turns out that Congressman Chaka Fattah is pleased with the results, too. [Newsworks]

American Hikers Phone Home. Iran lets the imprisoned hiker from this area make a five-minute call to his mom. [CNN]

Caught On Tape. Police say that three thieves are using a young girl to help them rip off gas stations. [ABC 6]