Ready for the Rapture?

Family Radio blames the gays for the "end of the world." Also: a guide to apocalyptic antics.

As believers get ready for what they say will be the end of the world – supposedly coming this Saturday, Family Radio President Harold Camping says the Rapture is to blame on – what else? – the gays.

The San Francisco Chronicle interviewed Camping about his May 21 Rapture prediction. He says that not only does the Bible tell him it’s coming (and when) but he also blames LGBT people for what he declares will be the end of the world as we know it.

“God will punish America and the rest of the world for Gay Pride and same-sex marriages,” Camping told the paper, “just as Sodom and Gomorrah were punished with fire and brimstone in the Old Testament.”

Lucky for us, we’ll be sneaking off to Fire Island for this would-be apocalypse where one of our favorite drag queens Porsche will be knocking ’em dead at the Grove Hotel. Feel left out? We came up with a few interesting ways of celebrating the end of days (in a totally gay way, of course):

Get in touch with your inner (and outer) self during all-male hot nude yoga.

Taste some sweet seasonal wines in gay-friendly New Hope.

Head for the hills, specifically the all-gay campground in the Poconos.

Even if you don’t rise to the heavens to meet your maker, you can take a hot-air balloon ride offering some beautiful vistas of the Delaware Valley.

Courtesy of Starr Events

Pamper yourself at 3000 BC – a luxury spa on Germantown Avenue.

Press your luck at Resorts before kicking up your heels at the casino’s new gay club Prohibition.

Throw an “End of the World” picnic and let Stephen Starr Events cater it – anywhere.

So what will you be doing on Saturday? Tell us your predictions.