Donald Trump’s Name Removed from A.C. Casino

Plus another PPD arrest, Chris Christie told to "shut up," good business news for Urban Outfitters and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

Police Employee Arrested. A civilian employee at the Philadelphia Police Department who catalogs confiscated drugs was arrested for allegedly buying crack. A police spokesman says the PPD will conduct “a full audit of everything she ever touched, as far back as they can go.” [Daily News]

Utley Speculation Continues. As the Phils begin a nine-game homestand tomorrow, fans hope Chase will show up along the way. Just might happen. [CSN Philly] Meanwhile, the guys lost in St. Louis last night, and Cliff Lee had a career high … but not the good kind. [700 Level]

Chris Christie Booed/Cheered. The NJ guv spoke at Seton Hall’s commencement yesterday and—citing a NYT magazine story that referred to him as “The Disrupter”—told students, “Be a disrupter in the way your heart and mind tells you to be a disrupter.” One student yelled “Shut up!” Who wants to bet that Christie refers to himself in the third person as “the disrupter”? [CBS 3]

Good Financial News: People Are Shopping. Urban Outfitters’ revenue was up nine percent over the 2010 first quarter—better than expected. [Business Journal]

Rainy Day Politics. As if turnout for today’s election wasn’t already expected to be low, the weather isn’t going to help things. [Newsworks] What? Are you going to melt? If Justin Pizzi can get out there, so can you!

Two Exits for Donald Trump. Yesterday he announced he would not run for president and his name was removed from the “Trump Marina Hotel Casino” (soon to be the Golden Nugget) in A.C. [NBC 10]