A Child-Poisoning Plot On the Spirit of Philadelphia?

Ron Castille takes aim at Death Row, Tom Corbett is not our governor, the future of texting-while-driving plus more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Castille Comes Out Blazing. If you’re reading this from Death Row, take note that Pennsylvania State Supreme Court Chief Justice Ron Castille will no longer abide your endless appeals, having taken a much more just-pull-the-switch-already stance. [Inquirer]

Because Politicians Like to Text While Driving, Too. “Distracted Driving” bill faces an uphill battle in Pennsylvania Senate. [CBS 3]

Can Obama’s Grassroots Effort Do It Again? The folks manning the phones on the 8th floor of a Philadelphia office building certainly think so. [Associated Press via Boston Herald]

The Parent, at the Buffet, With the Strychnine. Local police are investigating an alleged plot to poison children on the Spirit of Philadelphia. [Philly Burbs]

Milton’s the Man. You know it’s a weird election year when City Council candidates are going to mayoral-hopeful Milton Street for help. [CBS 3]

Somebody Check the Shredder. Remember the whole Germantown Settlement scandal? Apparently 30 boxes of important documents vanished from a Settlement office a few weeks ago, and one group has asked a Federal judge to investigate. [Newsworks]

The Real World Has Just Gotten a Little Easier. The area’s college grads will be happy to hear that their job outlook has just improved. [Fox 29]

Corbett Not Our Governor. Well, at least not until he comes out of his anesthesia. [NBC 10]

The Archdiocese Makes a PR Push. Dozens of couples celebrating 50 or more years of marriage attended a special mass in Philadelphia, presided over by embattled Cardinal Justin Rigali. [Inquirer]