Kate and Pippa Middleton’s Sibling Rivalry, Defending Mumia, and Bin Laden Aftermath

Top five articles of the week on the Philly Post

1. Why Pippa’s Dress (Almost) Stole the Show by Morgan Zalot
What all this fuss over Pippa’s wedding wear really makes me wonder about is why that was the thing on which so many of us fixated (well, other than those abominations some were calling hats). The undertone of most of the news stories, columns and photo slideshows about Pippa’s sexy dress is the same: Was she trying to upstage her now-royal sister? Gasp. Could she be … jealous? Read more

2. Why Mumia Abu-Jamal Should Be Released From Prison Right Now by Michael Coard
You can’t change the facts, and you can’t change the law. And no amount of yelling and screaming and name-calling and anger and emotionalism is going to help. Quite the contrary, it’s only going to hurt by exposing the weakness of your position. That’s why you should not only follow the lead of the Third Circuit but should go a step farther. And that’s because their recent ruling was a good start but justice demands a great finish. Read more

3. We Blew It With Bin Laden’s Burial by Mike Missanelli
I’m infuriated by media referring to Bin Laden as a “mastermind.” Mastermind? Mastermind connotes respect. How about “diseased mind” or “perpetrator.” That sounds a lot more accurate. Read more

4. Bin Laden’s Death and Waterboarding: Hand in Hand by Chris Freind
If the goal is to ensure that terrorists feel comfortable, then we were right to ban waterboarding. However, if we want to be seriously engaged in a global war against those who aggressively advocate our destruction, maybe we should reconsider how we handle detainees, since Al-Queda prisoners are also afforded fantastic medical care, food reflective of their ethnicity, and prayer time. Read more

5. Why Lipo Sucks by Gail Shister
Turns out the body’s fat cells are tough little suckers, according to the study, published in the online research journal, Obesity. When one fat cell dies, the body manufactures another one to replace it. Each fatty’s lifespan is about seven years. New fat cells migrate to another corporeal Zip code, the researchers theorize, because liposuction may have destroyed the subcutaneous structure where the old fat cells had lived. Lipo: Katrina for your body’s neighborhoods. Read more