Comcast Hopes to Boost Ratings at NBC

Plus Flyers lose again, Haverford Township police are looking for a sicko, you might be tipping Philly waiters less than you think, our city is apparently heaven for bachelors and more of what everyone's talking about this morning

Flyers Slip Farther From Goal. The Bruins beat them again last night in game three. Remember the team has come from this behind before. [Inquirer, 700 Level]

Bachelor Party. Philly’s latest ranking? We’re #8 on the list of the “10 Best Cities for Bachelors” because single women outnumber single men. The list-maker, CNBC, suggests Ortlieb’s Jazzhaus as a perfect date spot. Tip for guys: You will look like an idiot if you try to take your date there because it’s closed. Wonder if they researched the ranking as thoroughly? [CNBC]

Stevie Nicks Cancels Friday Borgata Show. The singer has pneumonia and the flu and won’t perform tomorrow night at the Borgata. Refunds start today. [Daily News]

Comcast Determined to Lift NBC Ratings. Steve Burke announced Comcast, which just yesterday announced that its first-quarter profits were up nine percent, will invest $200 million into the TV network, whose low ratings the network’s own Seth Meyers skewered at the Correspondents Dinner. [LA Times]

Ghosts of Fort Mifflin. Did you know that Philly’s own Revolution-era historic fort is haunted? The Scoop admits he did not. Did you know that “paranormal enthusiasts” will pay $90 to spend the night with ghosts? The Scoop admits he is not surprised. [WSJ]

Bank of America Complaint Center Coming. Soon, those in the Philly region having mortgage problems will be able to talk to a BofA rep in person because the company is opening a center here. Face-to-face banking? How very 1980. [NYT]

Germantown: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Dollar Tree. A petition going around Germantown has 1,000 signatures and counting to protest plans to open a Dollar Tree and Save-A-Lot at Chelten Plaza. Says one resident, “We need another discount store like we need a hole in the head.” [Newsworks]

New Catholic School in the Works. National nonprofit Cristo Rey Network plans to open a more affordable Catholic high-school at Broad and Duncannon. The organization’s model has students attend classes four days a week and work one day a week to help pay tuition. [Daily News]

You Might Not Be Tipping as Much as You Think. Councilman Jim Kenney says some Philly restaurants take the credit-card processing fee out of the tip customers leave for waitstaff. He’s introducing a bill to stop that. [CBS 3]

Haverford Township Police Looking for Cyber-Sicko. Police are looking for whoever asked an 11-year-old girl chatting through an iPod touch app for sexually explicit photos. Parents: Just spy on your children at all times. [NBC 10]