Philadelphia Reacts to the Death of Osama Bin Laden

Plus the return of Oswalt, the outlook for Utley, Inquirer endorsements, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Of course our big bin Laden news would involve baseball. As if Phillies vs. Mets 1-1 in the 12th wasn’t exciting enough, news of Osama bin Laden’s death made its rounds at Citizens Bank Park last night. Naturally, it’s all on video. [700 Level]

Thousands of students take to the streets. Other than the Phils game, there were no spontaneous displays of patriotism here like those in D.C. and New York. But Penn State students are always happy to party in the streets. [Daily Collegian]

Meanwhile, the drug dealers at K&A breathe a sigh of relief. Police announce that they are stepping up patrols of area mosques and synagogues in light of the big War on Terror news. [Newsworks]

Because the Amish rank high on Al Qaeda’s list. Part of Lancaster evacuated due to bomb threat. [Penn Live]

But wait, aren’t they homeless? A state agency in New Jersey plans to start a fund to bus Atlantic City’s homeless home, with an official explaining that people “literally get stranded here.” [ABC News]

Don’t worry, Philadelphia, Stu Bykofsky is (still) on the case. With bin Laden dead, the Daily News‘ most crotchety columnist is free to take on the other evils in the world. In his crosshairs once again: bike lanes. We must admit to loving his comparison of our clogged streets to the arteries of “someone who eats fettuccine Alfredo for breakfast, fried chicken for lunch and supersized Big Macs for dinner.” [Byko]

And we didn’t even realize there were casinos in the Big Easy. According to a new poll, gamblers would rather spend their money in New Orleans than Atlantic City. [Washington Post]

Don’t forget about our soccer team. The Union are just one point behind first place and have “startled everyone in league circles.” []

Family man Roy Oswalt heading back this way. The right-handed pitcher — who left last week to be with his family in tornado-devastated Mississippi — returns to the mound this week. [WXVT]

Utley May Be, Too. Ruben Amaro calls an injured Chase’s performance in a simulated game “a good sign”. [Yahoo Sports]

Where is the mob when you need it? Nearly 300 crimes have been reported so far this year at the three Philadelphia-area casinos, and one security expert says they’d be a lot safer if they were run by La Cosa Nostra. [Daily News]

Not everyone thinks Pope John Paul should become a saint. Local abuse survivors protest his beatification. [CBS 3]

Oh right, that whole election thing. Toy, Green, Brown, and Kenney endorsed. [Inquirer]